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Love this! May I link to it?

I'd like to link to it as well.

given proper credit/linking, anyone may feel free.

Geek Social Fallacies About Sex

That link was really good.
GSFS 1: People can voluntarily control their emotions about sex.
Perfectly explained!

GSFS 2: The weirder your sex, the more enlightened you are.
As a vanilla sort, I haven't experienced this bias, but it could just be within The Scene

GSFS 3: Cool chicks don’t worry about sexism.
Technically, cool anyone doesn't seem to worry about anything. That's sort of where the word "cool" comes from. I see and agree with the point being made, but I don't think it's a social fallacy. Good point; doesn't belong here.

GSFS 4: Drama is always worse than the thing the drama is about.
I'm worried about this one. The author's argument goes too far and can be taken as "the gossip is always valid." The problem of gossip is that it distorts and exaggerates something. A woman who falls for vulnerable men and has a history of picking up rebounds turns into a rapist by going through the intermediary steps of "preying on vulnerable" -> "trick them into bed" -> "sexual predator." Drama is often gossip, and gossip is often bullying.

GSFS 5: Sex should be no big deal.
Sex is a big deal, I mean... ::gestures at all these dramatic posts, rules, etc.:: right? Right???

Thanks for sharing your voice on this subject. I pulled back from The Scene for some similar and some different, personal reasons, but I definitely encountered some of the issues you mentioned. I'm sorry to hear that they existed and that they troubled you and I hope you find your way to expressing your desires with loving people, while, with a little luck, The Scene grows up a bit.

Thank you for that entire message. It's beautifully done and shamefully accurate.

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