The Coin-Operated Boy
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As many of you know, I currently have a temporary prohibition concerning kink events. I've been thinking that it would be nice to relax the prohibition, but I haven't figured out a way that I could attend a kink event without a 'handler' or partner without hitting anxiety triggers.

Then, plumbing the depth of ideas/fantasies that turn me on, I thought of this idea. It would require a present friend at a play party who is willing to take some time (but not as much time as a scene would take) to help me enact the idea by distributing tokens. Here it is in its larval form; I welcome suggestions or comments. This post may change as I get more ideas.

The Coin-Operated Boy

Frozen in time and space with a single hand outstretched, he waits for someone to come by with one of his special tokens. Once a token is placed in his hand, he comes to life to serve you!
[Each token brings me to life for a different task, specified on a sign near me. Some tokens, like dancing, are readily available. Some, less so.]

He Dances!
[I hear that I am a pretty good dancer, and losing myself to music makes me feel very confident and at-ease. If I can find a corner of a party remote enough to play my own music without disturbing anyone, I can have a small music player to which I would dance on command.]

He Serves!
[One token would serve to make me into a timed 'escort'. For a period of time (I'm charmed by the idea of having timed things function with a tick-tick-tick-tick-RING! egg timer, but maybe that's rude? It's just so thematically appropriate) I will follow the token-giver, providing company, performing simple tasks, possibly assisting in scenes(?) and otherwise being a follower-servant.]

He Soothes!
[Backrubs, footrubs, head/temple massages, hair-petting, hair-brushing, and other platonic type stuff that makes you feel good. I am thinking that this one will probably be popular even if people don't want to 'play' with me.]

He Comforts!
[Snuggling, possibly making out if it seems like both the token giver and I want to do it. This one appeals to me because it starts out as something I am willing to do with anyone, and I am a good enough reader of body language to suss out whether someone is interested in more than that.]

And More!
[There is probably room for more stuff and more risqué stuff that I could coordinate with my token-distributing friend, depending on how much they were willing to buy into the process. Some I could potentially distribute myself.]

Musing on the viability

  • The very concept of the idea is a fulfilling fantasy to me.
  • I set my limits, and having a sign nearby means that my safeword(s) are readily referenced (was planning to use green/yellow/red/safeword).
  • I am semi-public property (this is hot).
  • A friend is looking out for me without having to babysit.

  • It requires me to claim space, which requires at least a semi-roomy party and a complicit host.
  • What if nobody is interested and I sit frozen for hours until I decide to go home?
  • It's kind of hokey.
  • I cannot choose my partners, which is fine for the simple stuff but maybe less so for more intimate things. Maybe a cohort check-in process for token distribution could solve this, but it requires more of my cohort.
  • Requires non-trivial buy-in from a trusted friend.
  • I may not have the guts to do it. :P

Other misc notes:
  • I would probably want to have my own store of tokens, so that if I run out of time with someone but would like to play with them again, I can give them a token before I return to my frozen state.
  • Sign design would be critical. It should provide all the safeword info needed, and also have a reasonable explanation of each token's purpose.

I would love feedback on this. Suggestions are super welcome, caveats/comments/modifications are good too.


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