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Lesson Number One
... never go to a meet-'n-greet.

They are crowded, there is nothing to do, and nowhere will I feel so much like I have no ability to start, sustain or enter a conversation.

Today is a very heavily programmed day; I hope that it proves to be a good inlet into the stuff that I would like to be doing, and that the activity raises my confidence and familiarity enough to feel comfortable at the parties. As opposed to last night, though, I am now more nervous than I am hopeful.

I ranted about the community, but I knew that I was at least partly culpable for my inability to integrate. Maybe I am not cut out for this.

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*hug* Best of luck today, sweetheart.

I occasionally have fun at a kink event, but usually feel about the same as you. I prefer my kink in more private settings anyway.

Try pretending it's a normal party instead of a kink event full of strangers. You are very charming at "normal" parties. That's how I usually approach these sorts of things, that way maybe I meet some new interesting people and do something fun and crazy, even if I don't do anything thematically appropriate.

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