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Sub chart.
I had a few thoughts about my preferred 'modes' of submission and made a quick-and-dirty chart to summarize them.

These are relative labels, but they decently describe the most comfortable roles that I fantasize about or have played for people. All four of these are desirable states/descriptions for me.

A note: 'autonomous/obedient' may not be the right set of words for the y axis, but it was the best immediate description. 'obedient/pliable' might work too, or 'active/inert'. It's hard to describe.

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I am busy at work and still recovering from flu but I would like to discuss this with you at more length in the future.


...You and me, both. Huh.

I hope you're planning to write more about this, what these labels mean to you, and how they intersect.

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