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The Coin-Operated Boy
(x-posted to FetLife.)

As many of you know, I currently have a temporary prohibition concerning kink events. I've been thinking that it would be nice to relax the prohibition, but I haven't figured out a way that I could attend a kink event without a 'handler' or partner without hitting anxiety triggers.

Then, plumbing the depth of ideas/fantasies that turn me on, I thought of this idea. It would require a present friend at a play party who is willing to take some time (but not as much time as a scene would take) to help me enact the idea by distributing tokens. Here it is in its larval form; I welcome suggestions or comments. This post may change as I get more ideas.

The Coin-Operated Boy

Frozen in time and space with a single hand outstretched, he waits for someone to come by with one of his special tokens. Once a token is placed in his hand, he comes to life to serve you!
[Each token brings me to life for a different task, specified on a sign near me. Some tokens, like dancing, are readily available. Some, less so.]

He Dances!
[I hear that I am a pretty good dancer, and losing myself to music makes me feel very confident and at-ease. If I can find a corner of a party remote enough to play my own music without disturbing anyone, I can have a small music player to which I would dance on command.]

He Serves!
[One token would serve to make me into a timed 'escort'. For a period of time (I'm charmed by the idea of having timed things function with a tick-tick-tick-tick-RING! egg timer, but maybe that's rude? It's just so thematically appropriate) I will follow the token-giver, providing company, performing simple tasks, possibly assisting in scenes(?) and otherwise being a follower-servant.]

He Soothes!
[Backrubs, footrubs, head/temple massages, hair-petting, hair-brushing, and other platonic type stuff that makes you feel good. I am thinking that this one will probably be popular even if people don't want to 'play' with me.]

He Comforts!
[Snuggling, possibly making out if it seems like both the token giver and I want to do it. This one appeals to me because it starts out as something I am willing to do with anyone, and I am a good enough reader of body language to suss out whether someone is interested in more than that.]

And More!
[There is probably room for more stuff and more risqué stuff that I could coordinate with my token-distributing friend, depending on how much they were willing to buy into the process. Some I could potentially distribute myself.]

Musing on the viability

  • The very concept of the idea is a fulfilling fantasy to me.
  • I set my limits, and having a sign nearby means that my safeword(s) are readily referenced (was planning to use green/yellow/red/safeword).
  • I am semi-public property (this is hot).
  • A friend is looking out for me without having to babysit.

  • It requires me to claim space, which requires at least a semi-roomy party and a complicit host.
  • What if nobody is interested and I sit frozen for hours until I decide to go home?
  • It's kind of hokey.
  • I cannot choose my partners, which is fine for the simple stuff but maybe less so for more intimate things. Maybe a cohort check-in process for token distribution could solve this, but it requires more of my cohort.
  • Requires non-trivial buy-in from a trusted friend.
  • I may not have the guts to do it. :P

Other misc notes:
  • I would probably want to have my own store of tokens, so that if I run out of time with someone but would like to play with them again, I can give them a token before I return to my frozen state.
  • Sign design would be critical. It should provide all the safeword info needed, and also have a reasonable explanation of each token's purpose.

I would love feedback on this. Suggestions are super welcome, caveats/comments/modifications are good too.

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I'd be happy to help with the design process for your signs.

Actually if you would be open to helping me construct a hypnosis facet to this I would be very grateful.

I think this is an awesome idea.Would you be painted/dressed/wearing a coin hopper like Brian in the video?

I think probably I would like to be made up, but not quite to the level of coin hopper or wind-up key.

Would be glad to help with any of these facets.

What you're describing sounds like a variation on a "white list," a posted (in whatever form) "these things are pre-approved" list.

I cannot choose my partners

You could-- distribution of your coins could go to folks on a pre-approved list (if attendees/guests are known in advance, or a general list of known-to-be-okay folks), for example.

It's kind of hokey.

Maybe? I love this idea. It takes 'working through things' and 'being careful about needs/boundaries' into 'performance art' and fun play.

I don't expect to have a solid knowledge of people at any play party.

I love this idea, and wish our living circumstances were closer, because I would totally be happy to escort you.

I think it unlikely that you would not get activated, especially for Item 3... and I think it will not just be tops/dominants that are interested...some bottoms/subs might even activate you to get help serving thier top!

I hope you get a chance to try it... and look forward to heairng your results!

That sounds awesome! I think a caveat on the sign reserving the right to deny a token above a certain level should be okay to cover the "what if someone I don't have a good vibe about comes up with one of the high-level tokens?" question. Of course, the accomplice would of course have to choose carefully whom to give tokens to, but if they end up circulating...

This actually sounds like a really good idea for someone who's kinda new to play parties and wants an excuse to circulate without having pressure to get involved or play.

Yes, this warning is reasonable.

This sounds like a great icebreaker that can work past a number of issues. We did something at an event I ran with people acting as "party favors" with a list of acceptable things written on them.

Like Ravenrose, I cannot help. Just choose a good "assistant".

I wish you the best of luck with however this works out.

Oh, oh that sounds hot and amazing and I wish I could.

This sounds awesomely cute. I would totally token you! It's also a bit analogous to what I did at one of my first events, when I put on a blindfold and a sign with instructions as to what one might do with me, and that worked pretty much exactly as I'd hoped.

I remember this :) I'm sure it was part of my inspiration.

This is a really cool idea; I don't think it's hokey, and I don't think you'd stand frozen for hours.

I'd be willing to go with you if you wouldn't find that weird.

This is awesome and fabulous and hot as hell and I would love to be a part of it. I don't know that I know you/your tastes/your triggers well enough to be a token distributer, but I'd gleefully use you*.


*Make use of you? Use tokens? I don't know exactly how to word this.

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