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Ask me anything post
Ok. This post is a permanently-at-the-top-of-my-journal space where if you have any questions for me or things to say to me, you can ask them. Questions are best, abuse is discouraged. I promise to either answer you honestly or outright say what information I am declining to volunteer.

All comments are screened UNTIL I reply. If you want your comment to say screened, say so explicitly in the comment.

Anonymous comments are welcome and encouraged, though if you ask something that I would only answer through private message I won't be able to contact you.

Oh, also: Most of the entries in this journal are friends-only, so if you want to read them you'll need to be added as a friend. I will probably add you automatically if I know you, but a prod to get me to do it wouldn't hurt.

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and refriended. Now you can read my flocked posts. :)

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