Ok, so I haven't been great about updating this journal. That may be a trend, but I'll try not to let it be.

This weekend is the New England Erotic Hypnotic Unconference. I've done some preparation, communication and self-reinforcement to prepare for it, and I'm hoping that the event will mark the first step in me being able to approach kink-related events and come out of them with a positive feeling.

Wish me luck! :)

Clarifying the thread
I have a few follow-up thoughts to the initial thread I wrote on FL and here, and I think that the point from which I started may not have been clear enough. I am going to quote myself as I put it in a message to a friend, since I think it's the best summary I can provide.

I wear a vinyl petsmart collar with a little paw dangling off it, so I figure people will probably figure out that there's a canine bent to my submission. If people want to treat me as a normal sub, that works okay too, but I've found that most folk understand that the boy with the long hair should be petted on the head.

Am I concerned whether I'm doing it right? Not a whit.

Am I concerned about the idea that some people are broadcasting that there is a 'right' way to do these things, other than 'safe, sane, consensual'? Yes.

The more I read and the more people I talk to, the more I feel that certain orientations and perspectives are underrepresented in the kink subcultures. I also feel that there are some dangerous, worrisome assumptions about what male submission means.

I'm still learning more and letting my take on the situation gel. That's part of why I'm asking questions and reading up. I want to get people talking. If someone feels that a facet of their kink is marginalized or ignored, or if they feel that they have at any point been told 'you're doing it wrong', I want to see them say something about it. It makes me feel better to hear these opinions, and gives me a better idea of what can be said and done.

Marginalization is an issue. I want to see it challenged.

CrimethInc Gender Subversion Kit Cover

Welcome to the Odd Pup's blog.

As yet, I haven't completely nailed down its purpose, but its initial one is to put a curtain, however flimsy, between my identity as a male submissive / sexuality blogger and my identity as a dude who writes a book and does LARP.

More to come.


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